FloLight Lighting

FloLight Lighting


Products in this category: MicroBeam 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2028

MicroBeam panel lights offer the highest CRI and refresh rate available. This gives you beautiful skin tones and perfect video even under extremely high frame rates. Each MicroBeam is constructed of solid metal for years of rugged operation. Customize your MicroBeam with features such as DMX, VMount or Anton Bauer mounts, Gel holders, barn doors and more.


Products in this category: HM110, FL110, FL220, FL330, FL2500

Our fluorescent lights offer beautifully soft light for great video and ease of setup. Provided with softcases they are equally at home in the studio or on location. The FL series offers convenient wireless control allowing dimming of individual lights or groups for quick lighting control. Their all metal construction will give years of reliable service.


Products in this category: 18” BladeLight, 36”

BladeLight Our revolutionary BladeLights offer the advantages of LED panels, fluorescents and fresnels in one fixture. Their long single strip high power LEDS offer the wrap around look of fluorescents with the convenience of tight light control. They include a patent pending linear lens giving effective zoom from 20°-120º that controls and concentrates the light.


Products in this category: CycLight, 18” BladeScreen, 36” BladeScreen

The CycLight is the world’s first single fixture green screen light. It can evenly light a 6X10 foot green screen when placed just 18” from the wall. It’s perfect for tight, quick green screen shoots. The BladeLight Green Screens offer focusable green screen shooting by simply setting up on either side of the background. Both the CycLight and BladeScreen use high power green LEDs for super saturated keying.